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Cruising Course Questionnaire

Here are the "Results of the Seto Inland Sea Cruising Course Questionnaire" carried out at 2014 Yokohama and Kansai boat shows.

Cruising Maps for Seto Inland Sea (New Setouchi Panorama Sea Charts)

Cruising Maps

Cruising Maps for Seto Inland Sea provides new Setouchi panorama sea charts covering the area from Setonaikai National Park to Shikoku and Southern Kyushu.
The "Captain's Note" section provides interesting descriptions of the history and notable sights of each area.

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Captain's Note
Here are some examples of the Captain's Notes from Cruising Maps for Seto Inland Sea.
  • Port Call Guide for Tomonoura
    Located in the central region of the Seto Inland Sea, this port town prospered by providing a harbor for ships waiting for the tide to rise or the wind to pick up. It has provided inspiration for many works about the sea such as the musical piece "Haru no Umi" composed by Michio Miyagi and the eight poems composed by Otomo no Tabito and the delegates to Shiragi in Manyoshu (Anthology of Myriad Leaves).
    "Whenever I see that juniper on the rocky beach of Tomonoura, I will remember my wife who used to see the tree with me. How can I forget her?" Otomo No Tabito
    Traces of its history remain such as the visits of the Korean Emissary and Sanyo Rai, as well as Ryoma Sakamoto and the Seven Nobles of Sanetomi Sanjo from the end of Edo Period.
  • Port Call Guide for Miyajima
    The island where gods are enshrined and worshiped. Itsukushima Shrine One of Japan's Three Famous Sights and a World Heritage Site
    The gods protecting Itsukushima Shrine, which serves as the centerpiece of holy Miyajima Island where the gods reside, are deified as three sisters named the "Munakata Sisters" (Ichikishima-hime, Tagori-hime and Tagitsu-hime) who are goddesses of prestigious beauties of the sea and of sea voyages. There is a story that sacred crows led the way to Nanaura on Miyajima on the occasion of the enshrinement of the gods. In tribute to the story, the sacred rituals of the "Island Blessing Voyage" and the "Crow Feeding Ceremony" are performed on May 15 of every year.
  • Evening Calm (Morning Calm) of the Seto in Hiroshima Bay
    The wind stops during the periods when it changes from the evening sea breeze to the land breeze and from the morning land breeze to the sea breeze.
  • Ushitora Shrine (Nagae, Onomichi City)
    This was the first shrine built in Onomichi (806), and the enshrined deities consist of Amaterasu Omikami, Susanoo no mikoto, Izanagi no mikoto and Kibitsuhiko no mikoto. The shrine is located in the direction of the demon's gate of Oyamazumi Shrine.